International Bund | Germany

Internal Brief at the IB includes the STELLA Project
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IB Süd-West Magazine 8th edition reports on the STELLA Project
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International Bund | Germany

The Project Management Team met in Oberursel, Germany, in January 2018

We discussed the upcoming multiplierevents and going through evaluations and reviews.


The Project Management Team includes Christiane Lensch and Christine Halas, Internationaler Bund e.V., Germany | Kerstin Klepsch, ÖJAB, Austria |  Peter Furth, Lösungen aus dem FF, Germany


International Bund | Germany

Christiane Lensch | International Bund | Germany

The plan developed aims to empower PWD (a person with a disability) to organize an event which is usually organized for them. The first step is organizing a smaller event, a birthday party, for example. In the second step, organizing a bigger event, such as a workshop, where PWDs teach other PWDs to produce a crafted object, such as pompons, mosaic or origami, for example, as well as providing the catering for this event is the target.

The skills needed to match all the necessary preconditions for the organization of such an event are:

  • Commitment
  • Punctuality
  • Communication
  • Patience
  • Reliability
  • Team ability
  • IT-Knowledge

The methods used by the team shall be group discussion/ brainstorming, visualization of steps/activities and workgroup (photos of participants) and role plays/interviews. A timetable and checklist were composed to determine dates for the future meetings, the goals that are to be achieved in accordance with the deadlines set within the project.


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