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Multiplier Event in an event hall of Holargos Town Hall on 19th March 2019

Report on the Greek Multiplier Event
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The organization and programme of the event was based on the work done during meetings of the Greek team, which participated in the writing of Chapter 1: "Organizational Skills" of the STELLA handbook. In accordance with this, the whole event was hosted by a PWD and, at the same time, the PWDs who make up the Greek STELLA team presented the work they did themselves, by actibely participating in the writing of Chapters 1 and 5 of the STELLA handbook.

Τhe event began with a formal greeting by Ms Effimia Prokopaki, in her capacity as chairman of the board of the "MELEDONI" network, a Greek Association of Organizations Supporting persons with intellectual disability. This was followed by a formal greeting from Mr. Tommy Papp, who worked as project manager on behalf of ESTIA for the program, and Ms. Katerina Giannakopoulou, Chairman of the Board of ALMA.


During the coffee break, everyone had the opportunity to start a conversation with the participants of the project and exchange experiences, not only on the work that has been done during the meetings of the Greek STELLA team and the co-production of the handbook but also on the participation of the members of the Greek team to all the Transnational Project meetings during the program.


Τhe audience of the event, consisting not only of representatives of similar organizations and the Greek educational authorities, but also by individuals, showed great interest in the program and the work that has been done. Their questions focused on the co-production process that has been followed throughout the project and on the experiences and independence that PWDs have gained through their participation.


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