October 18. 2018

The Digital Exhibition Booklet by EPALE
EpaleSTELLA Digital Exhibition.pdf
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A team from Papillons Blancs in France and Kara Bobowski in Italy participate in the Erasmus Days by organizing public events themselves and in so doing represent the STELLA project. The Organizational Skills teams presented their work, documentary films by and about PWDs, interacted with the local public and offered some communicative group exercises at events they organized themselves during the Erasmus Days 2018.


October 15. 2018

EPALE | Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe

For a second edition, EPALE is organizing a virtual European photo report for the #ErasmusDays, with a range of adult learning projects from 22 countries.


Visit the Adult Learning European Digital Exhibition on

For the #ErasmusDays2018, the EPALE teams wished to raise awareness about the European Union commitment in adult lifelong learning. They created a digital exhibition with 22 different projects, demonstrating the variety of practices across Europe.


Visit Erasmus Days 2018 Improving basic skills for people for disabiities on


September 14. 2018

Thanks to the Papillons Blanc team we have a review of the transnational meeting in Athens this April.


September 5. 2018

The STELLA project, Organizational Skills is mentioned in the local German press, Taunus Zeitung:


August 29. 2018

The team from Papillon Blanc work together within WP 6 Team Ability to plan for the transnational meeting planned for December 2018 in Istanbul. As well as experimenting and sharing the game Team UP! with other participants.


July 28. 2018

News Update from Tommy Papp ESTIA and ALMA under C5.0 Communication Skills and further visual  aids to skills and methods under:


July 27. 2018

Download the latest Newsletter as a PDF
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July 12. 2018

Kara Bobowski | Preparing for ERASMUS DAYS


July 12. 2018

Kara Bobowski | Successful self presentation


July 11. 2018

Laurynas from the Lithuanian STELLA partner Jaunuolių Dienos Centras presents a result of their work: the handbook with methods of work on Social Behavior. Great job, Laurynas!


Jaunuoliu Dienos Centras. Let's start STELLA. Interviews at the beginning of the project


July 8. 2018

Jaunuoliu Dienos Centras. Tutorial: How to Greet Friends at Christmas


July 5. 2018

We discovered a new game: TEAM UP


June 28. 2018

STELLA team in PSONI Gdańsk, Poland meet every week to develop their communication

go to C5.0 and technical skills • go to C 6.0. During meetings with a theatre director Zbigniew Biegajło, they focus on self-presentation, communication skills, team work and they are getting prepared for journalistic activities.


May 30. 2018

The German project partners hold a meeting in Oberursel.


May 22. 2018

Partners from France and the Netherlands engage in exercises to develop abilities in working as a team.


May 21. 2018

The organisation of the transnational meeting in Athens and the conceptual scheme for Organizational Skills • go to C1.0 and Technical Skills go to C6.0 by Kara Bobowski | Italy


May 20. 2018

Conceptual scheme and organizational structure for Team Ability by JDC | Lithuania • go to C3.0


May 18. 2018

Discussing social behaviour • go to C2.0 and analytical thinking • go to C4.0 at the Spastic Children's Foundation | Turkey


April 28. 2018


Best practice example of an interview evaluation form from the Social Behavior Team. For more information on methods and feedback • go to C2.0 Social Behavior


April 27. 2018

Transnational Meeting | Athens, Greece

For more information go to MILESTONES | TRANSNATIONAL MEETING Athens


April 11. 2018

The Playhouse & Lilliput Theatre Company recording songs they wrote together, as part of their involvement in the EU Erasmus STELLA project in Communication Skills go to C5.0 and Technical Skills go to C6.0  or • go to Media LIBRARY | STELLA | Video ARCHIVE


April 9. 2018


Participants from the the Italian organization, Kara Bobowski preparing for the transnational meeting in Athens. Organizational Skills


Mar. 21. 2018


Presenting ROCK MY SOCKS! On World Down Syndrome Day our Lithuanian partner Jaunuoliu Dienos Centras present their work results on the subject of Social Behavior and Solidarity. • go to C2.0

We wish all the best to our friends with Down Syndrome!


Feb. 24. 2018


Multi-national working groups using video conference tools to connect partners in France and Germany.


Feb. 21. 2018


Team is Power! - according to the participants of the STELLA Team from our Lithuanian partner Jaunuolių Dienos Centras. Why? Check out their new video about social behaviour!

Team Ability


Feb. 14. 2018

We share #HappyValentinesDay pictures from our STELLA partners in Lithuania and Sweden. May your day be filled with love and joy! Love is patient, love is kind.


Jan. 25. 2018


the French working team working on material for the handbook.


Jan. 08. 2018

Introducing the Chapters - skill sets that we are working on...and wishing everyone a Happy New Year!

One example of our creative work is the Christmas card we made to improve our social skills and to find the best way to say Merry Christmas to our e-friends. Check out a selection of STELLA Greeting Cards on STELLA | Media Library | Photo ALBUM


Download the latest Newsletter as a PDF file
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Nov. 15. 2017

We welcome our new member to the project, Kara Bobowski


A voluntary GAD association (Parents and Friends of the Disabled), aimed to provide families with psychological support and information. Go to the Kara Bobowski website


Nov. 12. 2017

During the Kick Off Meeting the members commemorate the victims of euthanasia in Oberursel


November 9th ended with a speech of Mr Leikauf in memory of the “Reichspogromnacht” about Euthanasia in Hadamar and a common walk to the Oberursel Victims Memorial, where all participants of the conference lightened candles and laid flowers.


Nov. 12. 2017

Kick Off Meeting in Oberursel


In November 2017 all partners in STELLA have met in Oberursel for the Kick-Off-Meeting. The first day was dedicated to discussing the general agenda of the project, to work out strategy plans for evaluation, dissemination and quality assurance. In the evening, we had the Board Meeting and General Assembly of Caravan 2000 International.
The second day was destined for the working groups for the single chapters of the STELLA handbook. Below you can find the overview of the chapters.


go to the Kick Off Meeting


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