We had a great and productive Transnational Meeting in Istanbul last week! A big Thanks goes to our host, the Cerebral Palsy Türkiye, who did an outstanding job accomodating our individual needs.



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Jaunuolių Dienos Centras

Paul presented the impressions of the STELLA project meeting in Turkey.

target meeting

Organizational Agreements:

The Timeline is presented and discussed. The participants agree on the timeline for the second project year - for more information see Milestones on the STELLA page.

Printing of Handbook: Kolevka will print a certain number of handbooks in English, other languages will be produced on CD – translations have to be done by partners.


Date for the Final Meeting in Lithuania: September 25 – 27, 2019.

Multiplier Event

Documents to be delivered: Attendance list, invitation or programme – no receipts have to be delivered, but they need to be kept for financial department in case of EU revision.

The Europass draft is presented – 10 Europasses are needed from each partner – can be from staff, from clients, from parents.

Financial Issues
Some important financial issues are mentioned again.


Two newsletters have been sent out by Gosia- she left PSONI and lives in Turkey now. Jarek tries to find someone to take over the job with the newsletter and will stay responsible for that part of dissemination. Kerstin took over to post all the information about the project on facebook, Instagram and Twitter. These medias have already a lot of followers – European Agency is follower – partners shall follow on organizational or private basis. And there is a Youtube Channel where all the videos are and shall be published.

Mid-year evaluation
The mid-year evaluation should not be group discussion but a two people interview / employer – employee conversation.


The meeting in pictures

For more photos of this event, please go to Media Library | STELLA | Photo ALBUM


The Welcome Dinner


Meeting and Work Presentations


Working groups for each chapter


A Night on the [old] Town


The Certificate Ceremony


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