C5 Communication Skills

Playhouse Derry | Ireland



Tommy Papp, ESTIA | Greece

In this chapter, we are three partners from three countries: Northern Ireland, Poland and Greece. We are going to use the method learning by doing (What I do, I understand).
The fields we want to cover is employment, community living, social life, schools, how to communicate. We aim to strengthen the skills in self-presentation, self-expression, comprehension skills - listening and understanding of what you heard. Skills in using and "reading" body language, non-verbal and verbal communication.
The methods we will use in this partner cooperation are role play and theatre. Experience of being a journalist and making interviews, group work in self-advocacy groups with the aim of informing mainstream groups.

Max Beer, The Playhouse (Communication skills and Technical skills)

We will be working with Lilliput Theatre Company (who are a group of adults with learning difficulties) to record two songs which they wrote last year, in partnership with our music tutor. We will also produce a video for the two songs, working in partnership with a film-maker, and a cover for the CD / DVD working in partnership with an art tutor.

We will work with our local Health Authority – Western Health & Social Care Trust – to assess how involvement in these arts activities can impact on the learning disabled clients’ technical and communication skills. Tasks are undertaken by the learning disabled clients will include singing, acting, the design of art-work, and agreeing on ideas for storyboarding the two videos, choosing filming locations, costumes, characters etc.     

The results should be available to be presented at the STELLA meeting to Athens, April 18-21.



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