C4 Analytical Thinking


Marita Jonols, Sensus Stockholm-Gotland/Sweden

Our chapter is about how staff can support persons with disabilities to develop and practice critical thinking and moving towards an equal and mutual dialogue. In easy English: When people with disabilities learn to be critical, to take place and say their own opinion - they can criticize their staff. And, in that way, we will be better staff!

The chapter consists of three complementing parts: A Theoretical background (Turkey), A Tool Kit (France), A hands-on - way to Critical Thinking (Sweden).

At Medis5 we had a discussion and asked our participants to write about:

  • What to think about when you are going to be critical about something or someone?
  • How to do an evaluation in your team?
  • How to be a good leader?

We have also talked about the countries that are involved in the STELLA project. Participants have collected flags and discussed what is their association when they think about them (for instance: Italy - pizza).


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