[WP 6] Chapter 3.2

Team Ability | Mine Field Game

Les Papillons Blancs de Lille | France

The French partners composed a group of 3 staff members and 8 clients. After skills were identified for team ability, they decided to play a game "the minefield game" with teams of 2 people composed of 1 guide and 1 blindfolded person. The idea was to perform the skills identified in a game with a small team.


The blind folded participant orientates themselves throughout the room with the guidance of their team, avoiding certain objects or locating them and bringing them somewhere else.


STELLA feedback


After evaluating the game, especially the difficulties they met, the clients and the staff noted that the skills in the game could be similar to situations at work.


Work results:

  • Some participants had difficulties telling right from left
  • Other participants found clever ways to reach the goal
  • One participant abandoned their team mate during the game
  • Some decisions were made without preliminary discussion
  • Everybody took it very seriously, after all it was work, not a game




  • If anybody has difficulties we can adapt the game
  • If you have good ideas you can share them with your team mate
  • Even when the going gets tough, we have to see it through togtether
  • When participants make decisions alone, the game is less enjoyable



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