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Team Ability

Chapter 3.1

Mine Field Game

Chapter 3.2

Team UP Game

Chapter 3.3

Videos and PPPs

Jaunuoliu Dienos Centras

How to be a good colleague and a good employee? The Stella project team worked two days to find out.

Jaunuolių Dienos Centras

New and updated work results and outputs on Team Ability.


Jaunuolių Dienos Centras

The Lithuanian STELLA partner JDC Jaunuolių Dienos Centras developed a fun and informative online survey regarding the topic Team Ability, suitable to take part for people with and without disabilitites. Now we would like to know your opinion about team ability. Our Lithuanian partner Jaunuolių Dienos Centras made a short, inclusive Online Survey:



Please participate and share the link with your friends and co-workers!


Les Papillons Blancs de Lille | France

Jaunuoliu Dienos Centras: Let's start STELLA | Lithuania

STELLA Template for Results Table: Skills
PDF-Dokument [810.8 KB]

Preliminary Work Results


Juniorcare | Netherlands

  • Creation 2 groups (1 client-staff member, 1 member of staff- clients)
  • Discussions with client about what we need to do in a team (e.g. Listen to each over)
  • Interviews about work after Care Center, baby sitting
  • Play a Teambuilding game (construction game) to identify skills and difficulties


Jaunuoliu Dienos Centras | Lithuania

  • Work schema 1 client to 4 clients / 2 members of staff to the rest of team staff
  • Interviews about experiences
  • Experimentation situations from alone to need to be more (to go faster, to lift something heavy, to share ideas, to have more fun while drinking coffee)
  • Analyze the situations

Les Papillon Blanc de Lille | France

  • Creation of a group (8 clients, 2 members of staff)
  • Identify skills to detail results (metaplan)
  • Implementation game to use the skills (the minefield game, 1 guide / 1 blindfolded)
  • Analyze the game and find matches with labour market skills



Juniorcare | Netherlands

  • Drawing to represent best practices (client)
  • Spaghettis and Marshmallows for a construction game
  • Video to analyze the skills in game
  • Core Quadrant Game (Daniel Ofman – To discover and influence core qualities)


Jaunuoliu Dienos Centras | Lithuania

  • Videos to display the needs from a situation
  • Comparison table (+ / -)
  • Smartphone to take and read notes, comments (client)
  • Youtube channel to show outcomes

Les Papillon Blanc de Lille | France

  • "Easy to read" minutes for the clients
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Metaplan (paper notes, brainstorming)
  • Sport equipment for playing Minefield game and self-evaluation



  • Wishes to work on team abilities with a team spirit
  • More meetings (Skype, Emails) between the partners
  • The work on the chapter was a good opportunity to meet colleagues
  • It is interesting to discover different approaches from different countries
  • It is important to listen to other people from abroad and talk with them
  • It is more pleasant to work in a team
  • We got new skills while implementing team ability skills



As the 3 partners used games to implement the team abilities skills we decide to :

  • Focus on 4, 5 or 6 main skills we identified for team ability
  • Find and play games to implement the selected skills
  • Share our methods and tools
  • Evaluate and select the best practice by skill
  • Present the games (4, 5 or 6) according the structure of the handbook

Les Papillons Blancs de Lille | France


Regis Alvin | Les Papillons Blancs de Lille | France

During the Kick off meeting in November in Oberursel, the partners engaged in a workshop to explore what team abilities are, what skills are expected to work together and what methods could be used to develop these competences.


We also created a timetable for reaching our first goal: Gathering and sharing methods and experimentation in order to select the best practices for the next transnational meeting in Athens.


During the in December weeks, partners from Lithuania, the Netherlands and France have composed a target group in each country, composed of staff and PWDs.


The methods employed are: group discussion (brainstorming), skills list, roleplay and interviews.


Juniorcare | Netherlands

Juniorcare | Netherlands

The partners from the Netherlands composed a group with 1 client and 3 staff members and decided to take a scientific approach to Team Ability, starting with a definition:

To have the skills to contribute in a cooporative and coordinated effort on the part of a group of people / persons, acting together as a team in the interest of a common goal / cause.


The partners focused on clients with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) who deserve a job and to participate in society. They have special skills (eg. High attention to detail) that could represent an asset to employers, they do, however, have some difficulties with communication. They need clarity and structure in their workspace.


Definiton of Team Ability:

Developing the individual skills necessary to contribute as the member of a group in a cooporative and coordinated working environment. Allowing everyone to act together as a team in the interest of a common goal or cause.

Lina Trebiene, Jaunuoliu Dienos Centras | Lithuania

We focused on social behavior at work. We established the STELLA team, the leaders and the methods:

  • Talents and limits
  • Skills list
  • Experimental learning
  • Role play
  • Interviews
  • Visual presentations

Jaunuoliu Dienos Centras | Lithuania

The less skilled team members learn from the more experienced and more confident ones.

Jaunuoliu Dienos Centras | Lithuania

Team is Power! - according to the participants of the STELLA Team from our Lithuanian partner Jaunuolių Dienos Centras. Why? Check out their new video about social behaviour!



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