C2 Social Behaviour


Lina Trebiene, Jaunuoliu dienos centras | Lithuania

We focused on social behavior at work. We defined the STELLA team, the leaders and the methods:


  • Talents and limits
  • Skills list
  • Experimental learning
  • Role play
  • Interviews
  • Visual presentations

Spastic Children's Foundation | Turkey

Discussing social behaviour (chap. 2) and analytical thinking (chap. 4)



Work results

  1. Literature research has been done about individuals with special needs in business life.
  2. The skills needed to be developed in individuals with special needs in business life and methods of how we can develop these skills were reported.
  3. Different questions were prepared to evaluate these skills in terms of individuals with special needs , employers and colleagues working together, questionnaires were prepared for three groups.
  4. Questionnaires were applied to the three groups of international scale companies that accepted the application.
  5. The report was written according to the results obtained.


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