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C1 Organizational Skills | ERASMUS Days

Representing STELLA


Les Papillons Blancs de Lille | France

The Papillons Blancs team is participating in the Erasmus Days and representing the STELLA project with a documentary film by and about people with disabilities as well as offering some communicative group exercises for all to participate in on the 12th October.

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After receiving a positive reply from Esat (sheltered workshops) to stage an event within the scope of the ERASMUS Days 2018, we have started organizing for it.


The event will take place during working hours in the Home 'Les 3 Fontaines' in Armentiéres, in the north of France bordering to Belgium.


We will hopefully be visting the venue next during our walk within the scope of Chapter 5. We will assess how to use the room available and consequently decide how many people we can invite to participate in our workshop.


Based on our previous experience of organising a birthday party, we know to list the tasks and review the timeline of the event.

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Preparing for Erasmus Days


Kara Bobowski | Italy

The participants at Kara Bobowski held a workshop to prepare for the ERASMUS DAYS event.





To test the European feeling and thoughts about EU of the PWDs in view of the organization work for
the Erasmus Days and in order to strenghthen their motivation and ideas for this event.


To give our STELLA partners a face

We took a poster where our Portoguese volunteer drew a map with all the countries member of STELLA. The PWDs had to identify them, put the relative flag and then Marika had to recognize the participating people to the meeting in Athens through photos. Then we put the photos on each country and the logos of each organization.


To test the European feeling and thoughts of the PWDs towards the European Union.

We took a poster with the question “If I say European Union, what do you think?”.


The PWDs had to chose 4 images and pictures related to the idea of EU they had. First, we went together through the images trying to explain what they reproduced, then each of them chose 4 images.


They mostly chose positive images and related to their direct experience, like the photos representing STELLA or the European volunteers (also with disability) they knew because hosted by Kara Bobowski. Only Marika chose a photo representing Euros saying that it was better when we had Lira as, with 15 Lira, she could buy more things that now with 15 Euros…

We tried however to think over the positive aspects of having a common coin…
After images, we tried to discover some words associated to European Union.


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