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New Leaders a Guide to Good Forms of Communication in Polish
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New Leaders a Guide to Good Forms of Communication in Swedish
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New Leaders a Guide to Good Forms of Communication in English
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New Leaders Manual to Theatre Workshops
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The overall aim of "ELLA New Leaders" is to develop methodology, which could be applied in other countries for training people with disabilities (PwD) to be the leaders of the artistic workshops.


Artistic talents and interests refer to PWD in the same statistical proportion as to the rest of the population. The difference is that PWD have less opportunities to develop them and learn the techniques.


They come from a group of people that are rarely found in leading positions in the society. PwD have often been in a learning, subordinate situation all their life. They are the ones getting supervision and help.


"ELLA new leaders" challenges the norm about who has the right to be a leader.


The package will develop the methodology for training the artistic talented and/or just interested PwD to become the assistants of art therapists and educators in the areas of music, theatre, fine arts, writing and gain skills to lead such workshops.

The objectives of the work package are:


  • to exchange experience in music, theatre and creative writing as a tool of empowerment and learning schemes for PwD.
  •  to compare applied techniques and models to create new ways of working with PwD
  •  to exchange experience in supporting PwD to be a leader of art workshops
  •  to create new learning possibilities for PwD where they can learn from each other and their skills are put ahead of disabilities
  •  to implement new ways of communication between partners and PwD (facebook, youtube)


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