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[WP 8] Private Life Concepts

Private Life Concepts: we aim to explore issues relating to the inclusion of peoples with disabilities in society, by helping persons with disabilities achieve balance and success in their Private Life.


Dating Guide - English Version
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The Right to Love?

In two school classes in Lindeparkens gymnasiesörskola we dicussed and investigated this question:
Do all people have the same right to be in love?

Main aims of this WP:

  • to explore issues of disability, particularly relating to sex education and the ability of disabled people to form sexual relationships within EU member states.
  • to challenge negative attitudes and stigmas around these issues within families, communities and policy makers within EU member states.
  • to explore non-traditional working methods of engaging with disabled peoples with regard to social skills, and devise innovative methods and techniques for including disabled people into society.
  • to provide better communication and better understanding between disabled people and not disabled part of community
  • to help persons with disabilities achieve balance and success in the Private Life
  • to share learning and experiences with partners from other countries

The main question we would like to answer: Is it possible for disabled to have relationships, marriages, sex, and possibility to have children?


Making a Future

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Main strategies:

  • Analysis of existing literature on these issues regarding the qualities of Private Life amongst disabled people.
  • Private Life Quality research of persons with disabilities:
  • interviews with persons with and without disabilities; development of reporter training
  • analysis of possibilities, opportunities and limitations each person with disabilities has in his/her life and reflect the interaction of personal and environmental factors;
  • assessment of Quality of Personal Life in the areas of Being, Belonging, and Becoming;
  • assessment of persons with disabilities Achievement and Enjoyment  in each of four life aspects: Work, Family, Friends and Self;
  • assessment decision-making and opportunities of persons with disabilities.
  • Designing Model of Successful Private Life of persons with disabilities
  • Designing on-line blog focused on balance and success in the Private Life of persons with disabilities. Publish results of research and Model of Successful Private Life of persons with disabilities
  • Making workshops on advising and coaching for life balance of persons with disabilities  and test methodological approach on Model of Successful Private Life
  • Using theatre and other creative arts to explore these issues with disabled people and the wider community.
  • Training persons with disabilities to be reporters.
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Expected results:

  • Participants from Lithuania, Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, Sweden, Serbia and United Kingdom will gain comprehensive theoretical and practical information on Model of Successful Private Life
  • Participants are expected to develop their intercultural competence, to widen understanding and developing skills on balance and success in the Private Life in various European countries; to develop media and ICT competence on creating content for on-line blogs; to develop competence on Private Life.
  • Through blog we aim to reach vast number of people to whom we could promote ideas of Model of Successful Private Life of persons with disabilities.
  • We will create a theatre or arts based production that will enable disabled people and members of the wider community to see, experience and the issues
  • The reflection sessions and final evaluation will allow participants constantly reflect on their learning process and outcomes.
  • We will provide self-assessment tool based on key-competences for Life-long learning, where participants could identify their learning outcomes and the results of self-assessment


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