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People First Germany is a self-advocacy organisation representing people with learning difficulties and people with complex functional impairments.


Full membership is open only to people with these disabilities. Other persons can become associate members without voting rights. Other organisations can also be associate members. The 5-member board is made up wholly of full members (people with learning difficulties or complex functional impairments). Huw Ross is one of the board members. He is supported by Douglas Ross.


People First Germany was founded in 2001. It is active in all parts of Germany.


Lindeparkensgymnasiesärskola Sweden

Lindeparken is an Upper Secondary School for young people with learning disabilities. They are in age 16-22. We have about 100 students and 65 persons in the staff.


It´s a public school in Stockholm city and we got students from the whole region of Stockholm. After school and during holidays 50% of the youngsters participate in our Leisure time activities. The profile of Lindeparken is; Health, Culture and Environment. We have got diplomas for our health work and our environment work both in School and in the Youth Centre.


The school-law draws up that we are obliged to work with inclusion in school, in society and in working life. In order to strengthen this, one of our special need teacher participated in a Diploma Course at Harvard University in august 2011. The course hade focus on a method called “Instructional rounds”. In one of our student groups (student with autism) we work with a method called “Aesthetic Communication”.


Kindercentra de Roef - Netherlands

Kindercentra de Roef is a non-profit organisation consisting of 33 locations, which mainly are positioned in primary schools. As in many other countries, early childhood services have experienced a surge of policy attention over the past decade in the Netherlands.


Policymakers have recognized that equitable access to quality early childhood services can strengthen the foundations of lifelong learning for all children and support the broad educational and social needs of families. The ability for De Roef to do so need a change in future staff curriculum and current support. This is the projects aim of de Roef.


De Roef develops and implements several home based school readiness programmes. These programmes are successful in working with parents who had little education themselves. Research confirms the crucial importance of the child’s earliest years and of the need to support families in their role as the child’s most influential educator. 


United in Diversity

United in Diversity (UiD) is a very young NGO established and supported by IB-Behindertehilfe in 2010.


Organisation's purpose is the promotion of social inclusion, particularly for people with disabilities, developing awareness on the respect of fundamental rights and promotion of these values of an open, multi-ethnic, tolerant and democratic society, the establishment of international dialogue between PWD on the basis of mutual respect of differences, participatory democracy, development of civic activism at the local level and national level and promotion of mobility among PWD, regardless of the differences between them.


UiD consists of about 40 members, volunteers, family members of persons with disabilities, and experts from the field of special education and rehabilitation PWD. The organisation is currently implementing the project "Establishing info-service offices and advisory body to help people with mental, psychological and multiple disabilities in Nis, Serbia" in cooperation with the IB-Behindertenhilfe as leading partner.


Baunataler Diakonie Kassel e.V Germany

The Baunataler Diakonie Kassel (BDKS) is an ecclesiastical and social welfare work corporation business with facilities and various holdings in the fields of disabled support, old people support and addiction support.


In the field of disabled support the association maintains residential facilities and registered workshops for disabled people and integration businesses in the City and Rural District of Kassel and in the Schwalm-Eder District in North Hessen, Germany. In the residential sector the association currently provides homes for over 700 disabled people.


The workshops currently provide places for more than 1300 people with mental, psychological or combined disabilities. Our aim is to enable and support the people we care for to play a full part in society and professional life. At the integration businesses we enable more than 200 disabled and non-disabled people to play a role in working life.


Lithuania - Jaunuoliu Dienos Centras

Jaunuoliu dienos centras is a social service institution that was established in 1996 by Panevezys Town Council. We provide day activities for disabled adults with severe and moderate physical and intellectual impairment aged 18 years and over.


These activities include work related tasks, drama, art, sport, IT and informal education. We also provide social care for our clients. Our mission is to foster the uniqueness of each person while working towards the integration of disabled people into society. We give a lot of importance to links with the community and organize special activities such as a theatre festival, sport competitions and Christmas activities.


Jaunuoliu dienos centras is constantly seeking to develop through professional staff development, creating new activities that lead to development opportunities for disabled people and cooperating with organisations in other countries, adopting good practice from abroad. At the moment the institution has 50 users with various types and degrees of disabilities: users with mentally, mobility, speech problems and long term diseases.

The Playhouse

North West Play Resource Centre

North West Playhouse Centre (commonly known as the Playhouse) is a multi disciplinary Art Centre that provides a year round programme of Performance Arts (Theatre, Music, Opera and Comedy) and a wide range of Educational Projects.


We where the first Theatre in Northern Ireland to win the prestigious TMA / Stage Magazine - Special Achievement in regional Theatre Award 2004, and we where first Art Centre in Northern Ireland to gain Open College Network accredited centre status.


In a typical year we provide host more then 150 nights of theatre, opera, music comedy, dance and children's entertainment to audiences of over 10,000 people, and help approximately 250 achieve Open College Network qualifications in the arts.


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