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Recycling Art in Stockholm | Medis5, Sensus | June2014

The first workshop took place on 23rd until 27th of June 2014 in Stockholm in Sweden. The participants were the partners from Sweden- Medis5, Greece- ALMA and Poland- PSOUU. In total participate 12 people with disabilities and 7 staff members.

Workshop- seminar in Sweden about the teaching method partners Sweden, Poland, Greece - 6 participants from each country (4 people with disabilities and 2 special educators.

The workshops in brief included: Recycle Courses with Medis5, Sensus, introduction games, drawing portraits- interaction identity exercises, Vernissage, recycling methods, demonstration of the musical instruments out of recycled materials.

Mirror exercises


Start with a movement exercise.

Stand in pairs opposite to each other.
One makes a movement and the other respond as a "mirror", and
then changing so that the first person reflect the other persons movement
One makes a movement and the opposite person imitates that movement.
After a while you change and the person who was imitate, make a motion and the other

Kind of like standing in front of a mirror.




Quick portrait drawing – Every one get to see eatch other and rehearse the names. (You write the name of the one you have portraited.)


Build an environment to the fantasy figure. Cardboard as a base, and then all types of recycle materials. The purpose, is to practically build, cut, glue, and find solutions to even the construction, every one can use all there experience and

Presentation of all the fantastic works. Amazing, inspiring, fun, sad and exciting stories were told, about the figures and their environment.


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