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ELLA Recycling Guide by ALMA | English Version
Useful ideas for creating useful things out of garbage at home.
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Recyling Guide from ALMA | Greek Version
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Recycling Art in Stockholm | Medis5, Sensus | June 2014

The first workshop took place on 23rd until 27th of June 2014 in Stockholm, Sweden.


The participants included partners from Sweden- Medis5, Greece- ALMA and Poland- PSOUU. There were 12 people with special needs and seven staff members in total.

A workshop/seminar took place in Sweden regarding best practice teaching methods included partners from Sweden, Poland and Greece. There were six participants from each country (four people with special needs and two special educators in total.

The workshops included: Courses on Recycling with Medis5, Sensus. An introduction to games, drawing portraits- interaction and identity exercises. Organizing and implemeting a vernissage including recycled material. We investigated recycling methods and resented a demonstration of the musical instruments made out of recycled materials.

Mirror exercises


Start with a movement exercise, to loosen up.

]Movement exercises are things like walking around briskly, swinging your arms, playing interactive warm up games.]


  1. Split into pairs, each person finds a partner.
  2. Stand opposite to each other, about an arms width apart.
  3. One will start by making a movement or gesture
  4. The other imitates or mirrors this gesture, as if they were a mirror
  5. After a while you can switch roles so that each person copies the other's movement
    Kind of like standing in front of a mirror.




Quick portrait drawing – Start by introducing yourselves and getting to know each other, exchange your names and maybe play a game to learn them


[Remember to write down the name of the person you made a portrait of.]


With your fantasy figure in mind, now construct the appropriate living environment for the fantasy figure. Use cardboard as a base and then you can add all kinds of recycle materials. The aim is to physically build the construction by cutting, gluing the parts together and finding creative solutions to the details of it.


The only limit is your imagination, so everyone is free to use all their life experiences and as much fantasy they like.


The presentation of all these fantastic works revealed amazing, inspiring, fun, sad and exciting stories about the figures and their environment.


Curious for more on art and recycling?


For more information on the workshops 2 and 3 in Greece and Poland go to:

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