Lindeparken is an Upper Secondary School for young people with learning disabilities. They are in age 16-22. We have about 100 students and 65 persons in the staff.


It´s a public school in Stockholm city and we got students from the whole region of Stockholm. After school and during holidays 50% of the youngsters participate in our Leisure time activities. The profile of Lindeparken is; Health, Culture and Environment. We have got diplomas for our health work and our environment work both in School and in the Youth Centre.


The school-law draws up that we are obliged to work with inclusion in school, in society and in working life. In order to strengthen this, one of our special need teacher participated in a Diploma Course at Harvard University in august 2011. The course hade focus on a method called “Instructional rounds”. In one of our student groups (student with autism) we work with a method called “Aesthetic Communication”.

Jaunuoliu Dienos Centras


Jaunuoliu dienos centras is a social service institution that was established in 1996 by Panevezys Town Council. We provide day activities for disabled adults with severe and moderate physical and intellectual impairment aged 18 years and over.


These activities include work related tasks, drama, art, sport, IT and informal education. We also provide social care for our clients. Our mission is to foster the uniqueness of each person while working towards the integration of disabled people into society. We give a lot of importance to links with the community and organize special activities such as a theatre festival, sport competitions and Christmas activities.


Jaunuoliu dienos centras is constantly seeking to develop through professional staff development, creating new activities that lead to development opportunities for disabled people and cooperating with organisations in other countries, adopting good practice from abroad. At the moment the institution has 50 users with various types and degrees of disabilities: users with mentally, mobility, speech problems and long term diseases.

Caravan 2000

A European Movement for Diversity and Understanding

Caravane 2000 France is a non-governmental, non-profit and non-religious organisation. Its aim is to promote international exchanges by supporting projects or actions related to the social or disability field. It aims to enhance access to the citizenship and intercultural exchanges, in priority for clients, welfare and health professionals or futures professionals in the social work. Its actions are at the local, national and international level.


Caravan 2000 France gathers public and private organisations in the fields of child protection and the support of the families, in the field of the physical handicap and mental, in the training of the social workers and research in university.


Kentro Koinonikis Frontidas  Atomon Me Noitiki Ysterisi

ESTIA is a recognised Charity overseen by the Ministry of Health & Social Solidarity. It was founded in 1982 by parents of intellectual disabled children. ESTIA, with the motto “Each person is unique and his uniqueness should be dealt with respect” specializes in providing support and care to people with intellectual disabilities from 18 years of age in aim of improving quality of life and supporting their inclusion into the community.


In 1998 it was certified as a special vocational training centre for implementation of ESF projects. Since 2009 ESTIA is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 The services provided at the centre are: vocational training, support services for the disabled and their families, supported employment service, social skills training, creative learning and leisure time activities, sports programmes, creation and implementation of Supported living units.


The funding sources of ESTIA are: grants from ESF projects, grants from Ministry of Health& Social Solidarity, Ministry of Labour, the local government, social insurance bodies, membership subscriptions, donations, sponsorships and from different fund raising events.

United in Diversity


United in Diversity (UiD) is a very young NGO established and supported by IB-Behindertehilfe in 2010.


Organisation's purpose is the promotion of social inclusion, particularly for people with disabilities, developing awareness on the respect of fundamental rights and promotion of these values of an open, multi-ethnic, tolerant and democratic society, the establishment of international dialogue between PWD on the basis of mutual respect of differences, participatory democracy, development of civic activism at the local level and national level and promotion of mobility among PWD, regardless of the differences between them.


UiD consists of about 40 members, volunteers, family members of persons with disabilities, and experts from the field of special education and rehabilitation PWD. The organisation is currently implementing the project "Establishing info-service offices and advisory body to help people with mental, psychological and multiple disabilities in Nis, Serbia" in cooperation with the IB-Behindertenhilfe as leading partner.


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