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Leisure Time as a Tool for Developing Social Skills

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The SABOR film about the Re-Creation project

A film presenting all games and feedback. Length 17:02 Minutes


Most skill-development programs are driven by employment demands and are often tailored only to specific needs. In this project, we focused on the development of social skills through everyday life situations such as leisure time. The enhancement of quality of life of people with intellectual disability is not only linked to increased social participation but also to the improvement of self-esteem and confidence.



Feedback from the participants


Cajsa from Sweden

Solveiga from Lithuania

Dragana from Serbia

Omar from France

Markos from Greece

This project focused on the use of leisure time activities as a non-formal educational tool.


More specifically, it aimed to contribute to the development of innovative practices in the field of non formal adult education and to support increased participation of the people with special intellectual needs.



The project investigated and tested leisure time activities practiced in their partner countries. They collected comparative examples of good practice from all the Caravan member countries for the creation of a common ground reference.






The partners worked together on the collection of reports from their national and regional current practices/life situations and use them so as to compare and contrast the different situations in their respective countries, to reach a common frame on which to build upon.


Special emphasis went concentrating on the connection between leisure-time activities and the improvement of their quality of life and their active role in different forms of participation within the society.


There is a need of developing a "transferable social skills for people with special intellectual needs" method in connection to everyday activities and a constant need for improved and updated practices and methodologies for organizations working within the field of intellectual disability.


The main aim was to exchange, learn form each other and synthesize a common result that could be implemented in different European countries


Implementing and running the project had affects on the partner organizations in terms of the intercultural learning reflected through partner's cooperation and communication.



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