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TrainEEE Preliminary meeting in Vienna, Austria

The coordinators from ADAPEI and UiD had a chance to compare and exchange experiences, expertise and different methods.

A lot of questions and conditions were solved in working groups during the preliminary meeting.



Ivana Stajkovic talking with Tijana Milinkovic about the internships for social media and public relations.



On the 26th and 27th of February 2014 the Austrian capital Vienna was hosting the TrainEEE preliminary meeting.


The organizing and hosting organization ÖJAB (P2, Austria) welcomed the project coordinators from the TrainEEE associated organizations ADAPEI (P3, France) and United in Diversity (P14, Serbia). The goal of this meeting was to prepare, organize and adjust the internships of young people with disabilities or disadvantages from Austria, France and Serbia. During an intense expert exchange on the first day requirements and preconditions of the participating people with disabilities have been discussed and solved. All facilities involved in the TrainEEE weeks (accommodation and internship working fields) have been visited on the second day. The preliminary meeting was an essential and important tool in order to clarify the appropriate circumstances and conditions for the participants. The guests (Ivana Stajkovic from UiD and Marie-France Le Glaunec from ADAPEI) gained a deeper insight on the circumstances and the facilities which their participants will face during their internships in Vienna. The TrainEEE project manager, Kerstin Klepsch from ÖJAB, was responsible for the organization of the meeting; various ÖJAB staff who are involved in the TrainEEE weeks as translators or coaches also participated in certain program points of the meeting. The first TrainEEE week for the Austrian participants will be held from April 7-11 2014.



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