Österreichische Jungarbeiterbewegung

ÖJAB (Austrian Young Workers Movement) is a generation-connecting youth organisation, independent of any political party or religious obligation. As a non-profit organisation, it offers more than 4,300 places to stay for students, pupils, apprentices, young workers, senior citizens and refugees in a total of 25 ÖJAB-houses nationwide, thus making it one the largest residency organisations in Austria. At present around 3,800 young people, 470 senior citizens and 55 refugees are staying in 21 student hostels and youth residences, in 3 senior citizens' residences and nursing homes, in 1 intergenerational residency and in 1 intercultural hostel. Over 500 employees help to achieve this goal on a daily basis, with many more offering their highly treasured services on a voluntary basis.


Association in Morteau

The ADAPEI Association in Morteau is a state approved, non-profit organisation of public utility and part of the national network UNAPEI. It is an association of small dimension that intervenes in a geographical area of 5 districts and 36 municipalities with a population of 30.000 inhabitants, a rural and borderline zone full of contrasts, developments and a dispersed habitat.

An administration of 90 employees in 7 establishments and services receives and accompanies 180 people with mental disabilities and supply these children and adults with a diversity of solutions to their difficulties. A presence in local development, economy, society and culture via different actions to practice a dynamic of professional cooperation with local politicians, community representatives and public authorities. Professional trainings have been put in place in the last years as an orientation in favour of mobility for disabled people as well as their attendants. There have already been partnerships established with Germany, Austria, Serbia, Switzerland and Sweden.

United in Diversity


United in Diversity (UiD) is a very young NGO established and supported by IB-Behindertehilfe in 2010. Organisation's purpose is the promotion of social inclusion, particularly for people with disabilities, developing awareness on the respect of fundamental rights and promotion of these values of an open, multi-ethnic, tolerant and democratic society, the establishment of international dialogue between PWD on the basis of mutual respect of differences, participatory democracy, development of civic activism at the local level and national level and promotion of mobility among PWD, regardless of the differences between them.

UiD consists of about 40 members, volunteers, family members of persons with disabilities, and experts from the field of special education and rehabilitation PWD. The organisation is currently implementing the project "Establishing info-service offices and advisory body to help people with mental, psychological and multiple disabilities in Nis, Serbia" in cooperation with the IB-Behindertenhilfe as leading partner.




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