[WP 14] Families, Transitions and Cultural Pluralism

AKIM-Jerusalem brought information to its Grundtvig partners on helping persons with special needs to successfully transition from their family homes into independent living arrangements, and to make optimal use of available leisure time and continuing education opportunities.


Manual for the Training Apartment
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Training Apartment Presentation at the ELLA Congress
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The underlying assumption is that, people with special needs are at higher risk than other people at failing to make this transition, not due to lack of personal potential but mainly due to the unavailability of- or to insufficient acces to support. The Training Apartment Program accepts groups of 6 adolescents with special needs for 15 meetings, once a week, from early afternoon until the next morning.

The program offers trainees an out-of-family-home living experience that focuses on developing skills in activities of daily living, interpersonal skills and community orientation. The program also offers parents support in dealing with the problematic of "letting-go".


 Akim Jerusalem - training apartment


Through personal changes we can gain confidence and become empowered.


Some transitions are hard to deal with and can pose a challenge but within a safe space and with the right kind of support, these too, can be mastered.


Moving out of the parental home is one such transition.


ELLA seminar helped to create a joint understanding of:


  • (a) the details of the partnership between the trainee, his/her parents and siblings and program administrators,
  • (b) the varied cultural origin of trainees and the adjustments that are made on this account to assure the program's success,
  • (c) the long-term cost financial savings made possible by the early investment in assuring proper transition and,
  • (d) how the association's fundraising department works to solicit the resources necessary to offer timely and effective support to persons with special needs and to their families.

Partner countries of ELLA will receive written material describing key elements of each of the 4 areas above ((a)-(d)).


After presentation of the results during ELLA congress the European participants will discuss the relevance and applicability of the Training Apartment in their home countries. A manual of these deliberations will be prepared to allow the partners to continue discussing the contents with their colleagues at home.


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