Düşler Akademisi – AYDER Dreams Academy

AYDER Dreams Academy (DA) is a social responsibility initiative that aims to improve opportunities for persons with disabilities and social disadvantages in Turkey, to become active and productive individuals by using the arts and sports as a means.


AYDER Dreams Academy recognizes the strength of arts and sports as one of the most important tool for building creative and productive individuals among the society. Targeting persons with disabilities and social disadvantages in Turkey, this social responsibility project aims at enabling the focus group to produce new ideas and to participate actively and equally into the society.


Since Nov 2008, DA has provided art and sports workshops on various branches. Those workshops are as the followings; Dancing, Drama-Theatre, Fashion Design, Dj, Film Making-Video, Musical Instruments, Painting, Photography, Rhythm, and Personal Development, Mountain Bike Team, Climbing Wall, Scuba Diving etc.


AYDER Dreams Academy Project is realized with the financial support of Turkey Vodafone Foundation in cooperation with Alternative Life Association (AYDER), United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and Turkish Ministry of Development.


Additionally, national and international non-governmental organisations supported the establishment and development of AYDER Dreams Academy such as Istanbul Rotary Club, Beşiktaş and Ataşehir Municipalities. Role in the project is organising a music festival in cooperation with other partner countries in Istanbul during the evaluation workshop.


Internationaler Bund Egitim ve Toplumsal Hizmetler Limited Sirketi


IBETH Internationaler Bund Eğitim ve Toplumsal Hizmetler is an independent subsidiary of Internationaler Bund (IB) in Turkey. Like Internationaler Bund e. V. it is a non-denominationan and non-party political legal entity. It was founded in 2006 as a limited company. Since then IBETH has implemented many projects in the social field throughout Turkey.


The organisations primary objective behind all its activities is to provide better opportunities for people, especially people with special needs, disadvantaged people and people working in this field of social work and education. IBETH’s main aim is to provide education and social services. General activities include vocational education, training and advanced training for social workers as well as consulting of municipalities and institutions in the areas of care and assistance for elderly and disabled people.


In 2011 Turkey’s biggest rehabilitation and vocational education training centre for disabled young people was opened in Antalya with the help of IBETH. Nowadays IBETH is on its way to open its first rehabilitation centre for youth with special needs.


In cooperation with Dreams Academy (AYDER), the other Turkish partner of CARAVAN 2000 in Turkey, and with the support of lots of voluntaries, IBETH provides activating and vocational training courses with socio-educational support. The participants experience support on professional and personal level through these activities. This social responsibility project aims at enabling the focus group to produce new ideas and to participate actively and equally within the society.




İBETH - İB Eğitim ve Toplumsal Hizmetler Limited Şirketi
Levent Sok. (eski Bostan Tüccarı Sok.), Çağdaş Ap., No. 20/10
34744 Bostancı-Kadıköy / İstanbul
Tel.    +90 216 380  2579
Fax.   +90 216 362 7191
Gsm  +90 530 228 89 40 (Deutsch - Türkçe - English)



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