Medis5/ Sensus (NGO)

Medis5 is a sheltered working place, established 1998, for people with minor intellectual disabilities, people with disabilities, working with culture. Medis5 is situated in central Stockholm, Sweden. Medis5 is a part of Sensus, an NGO working with adult education. Medis5 is financed by the Swedish state.


At Medis5 the participants produce theatre, music, art, photo, film, poetry and workshops. Medis5 performs all around the country with shows, exhibitions and workshops. Medis5 also has two websites, and The staff, consisting of seven people, at Medis5 has degrees in various disciplines in art, photography, film, IT and music.


At Medis5 there are 21 people with disabilities working. Medis5 is being administered by Sensus, an NGO for adult education and financed by the municipality of Stockholm.


Our main strength is to be serious and professional about the work the people with disabilities and leaders are doing at medis5.


At medis5 there are many people with disabilities working that has had an unsuccessful career in the 1st work-market. According to our method, every newly employed people with disabilities and the leaders map out what skills and interests the people with disabilities has.


The people with disabilities will be working in productions correlating to her skills. And when the time is right the people with disabilities will get training leading others. By working in this way the people with disabilities will grow in their self esteem and competences. They will be more able and better prepared to meet the society, to have a realistic self-image, not only as learners but also as professionals and leaders, to take responsibility and demand their rights.


The role of Medis 5 in the project. Medis 5 have since many years been working with people with disabilities and leadership. The coo-workers at Medis 5 will contribute not only as workshop leaders, but also as teacher for aspiring workshop leaders. With or without disabilities. Medis 5 will be responsible for the work package “Exploitation of Results”. Medis 5 work a lot with social media in our daily work which will be our main method of exploitation.


The co-workers at Medis 5 will contribute in being involved with publishing and updating material for the website and Facebook. They will also be part of developing new workshops to offer Europe.


Every newcomer to Medis5 gets an thorough introduction and apart from working with various culture projects a great deal of time is spent on practising how to present the “business“ to visitors, how to have a proper meeting and how to act as leaders of workshops in (at the moment) theatre, spinning and creative writing.


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