Lindeparkensgymnasiesärskola Sweden

Lindeparken is an Upper Secondary School for young people with learning disabilities. They are in age 16-22. We have about 100 students and 65 persons in the staff.



 It´s a public school in Stockholm city and we got students from the whole region of Stockholm. After school and during holidays 50% of the youngsters participate in our Leisure time activities. The profile of Lindeparken is; Health, Culture and Environment. We have got diplomas for our health work and our environment work both in School and in the Youth Centre.


The school-law draws up that we are obliged to work with inclusion in school, in society and in working life. In order to strengthen this, one of our special need teacher participated in a Diploma Course at Harvard University in august 2011. The course hade focus on a method called “Instructional rounds”. In one of our student groups (student with autism) we work with a method called “Aesthetic Communication”.


For inclusion in society we do for example Winter and Summer sports indoor and outdoor, Cinema, Visiting Museum - Music arrangements – Theatres- Libraries, Travelling in or out of the country.


For inclusion in working life we work close to different business and organisations. Lindeparken has a long experience of global network cooperation, mostly in Europe but also in South America, The Middle East and Africa.


In the project Lindeparken will organise and host exchange meeting and work with implementation of good practice activities. We will also cooperate in developing the e-book and take active part in all project activities and work for a scientific approach.


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