Der Internationale Bund and Behindertenhilfe

Social Services from Education to Assistance in one organisation

Our world is fast, hectic and efficiency-oriented. People with special needs, senior citizens, migrants, but also children and youngsters are easily marginalized. Many people need support in order to find their place in the society.


The International Bund and Behindertenhilfe

Internationaler Bund (IB) with its registered association (e. V.) and its non-profit organisations is one of the big social service providers in Germany. IB consists of 12 non-profit organisations. One of these organisations is IB-Behindertenhilfe.

Themed „naturally in the mainstream of society“ we provide individual encouragement and support for people with disabilities. Furthermore we work in the field of “Youth support and migration” and “Senior support” within IB- Behindertenhilfe.

With our residential-, assistance- and advice services we support people without regard of age or social origin. 
All offers are located in community-close centers and aim at individual development and creating new life perspectives. 
We support our clients in their right of self-fulfilment and self-determination and we work for the realisation of their living a life in the mainstream of society.

Since many years IB Behindertenhilfe extends its offers more and more. About 900 people with disabilities in Hessen, Thüringen and Sachsen are supported by our organisation. Because “naturally in the mainstream of society” is the best success for our work!

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