Caravan 2000

A European Movement for Diversity and Understanding

Caravane 2000 France is a non-governmental, non-profit and non-religious organisation. Its aim is to promote international exchanges by supporting projects or actions related to the social or disability field. It aims to enhance access to the citizenship and intercultural exchanges, in priority for clients, welfare and health professionals or futures professionals in the social work. Its actions are at the local, national and international level.


Caravan 2000 France gathers public and private organisations in the fields of child protection and the support of the families, in the field of the physical handicap and mental, in the training of the social workers and research in university. Among its members :


  • The Departmental Public Establishment of Childhood and Family (EPDEF) in Pas-de-Calais which act at a regional level in order to give answers to children and the families on two major axes: prevention and protection. The EPDEF deals with more than 1400 children and families through a set of services.


  • The Establishment and Service of Assistance by the Work (ESAT of Montmorency) in Montigny en Ostrevent (North). The ESAT provides work to the adults with disability who did not acquire sufficient autonomy to work in the ordinary labour market to carry on an activity in the sheltered employment.
  • The Vancauwenberghe Institute (North) is an autonomous Departmental Public Organisation which hosts and accompanies the children, teenagers and adults in situation of physical handicap, it aims to bring wellbeing and autonomy to its clients.


  • The Higher European School of Social work (EESTS - North-Pas de Calais) ensures trainings for the social workers and promotes innovating actions to foster international awareness and knowledges to the students and to the trainers.


  • The Research and Studies Center in Sciences of Education (CERSE - University of Caen in Normandy) undertakes research on the practices and the devices of education, training and teaching and works on the processes of socialisation, in particular for the people with disability.


The actions of Caravan 2000 France lie within the frame of European programs (YIA, OFAJ) or international solidarity (Ministry of foreign affairs, Regional council, General council). Caravan 2000 France has experience in organizing intercultural exchanges for the clients to develop awareness of each other and enrich themselves with experiences. It also proposes seminars, conferences in order to exchange and to improve the professional practices in the accompaniment of the young people, of the adults and the families.


The contribution to the Grundtvig project will focus on the recognition of competences for the people with disability, their access to the training and their mobility at a professional and personal level.


Caravan 2000 France will ensure the management and the coordination of the project between the partners. The ESAT of Montmorency will host the activities during the course of the project (workshops, conference). It will also organize food and accommodation for the participants. Its clients and trainers will participate to the event. The CERSE of Caen will take care of the investigations and the reports on the practices of the countries partners to the project. It will organize the meeting of preparation between the various actors of the project with Caravan 2000 France. It will be in charge of the interventions of the conference part.


The EPDEF will host the meeting of preparation. L'EESTS will participate with students who will join the staff of the organisation. The ESAT of Montmorency and the Institute Vancauwenberghe will take care of leisure and discover times in margin of the activities. The Association “Different and Competent” will be requested like expert with the CERSE on the subject of the recognition of professional competences for people with disability. It developed a device of validation of the professional skills for the handicapped people.


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