Association in Morteau

The ADAPEI Association in Morteau is a state approved, non-profit organisation of public utility and part of the national network UNAPEI. It is an association of small dimension that intervenes in a geographical area of 5 districts and 36 municipalities with a population of 30.000 inhabitants, a rural and borderline zone full of contrasts, developments and a dispersed habitat.


An administration of 90 employees in 7 establishments and services receives and accompanies 180 people with mental disabilities and supply these children and adults with a diversity of solutions to their difficulties. A presence in local development, economy, society and culture via different actions to practice a dynamic of professional cooperation with local politicians, community representatives and public authorities. Professional trainings have been put in place in the last years as an orientation in favour of mobility for disabled people as well as their attendants. There have already been partnerships established with Germany, Austria, Serbia, Switzerland and Sweden.


The ADAPEI Association in Morteau has a variety of activities such as: The S.E.S.S.A.D. (Service for Specialised Education and Home Treatment) accompanies children from 0 to 12 years who show general handicaps with or without a link to a determined deficiency with or without associated troubles. This service supports the child and its family in their home environment. The I.M.E. (Medico-Educational Institute) receives children and adolescents from 5 to 20 years. Its mission consists in meeting the right to scholarisation whilst stimulating the development of autonomy. The E.S.A.T. (Establishment and Service of Help through Work) helps adults in situation of handicap to reintegrate through a job. For this, lines of action have been developed in two directions:

  • An activity of social support and advanced training developing and maintaining all of the persons motivation and competencies in a personal project
  • The development of activities in the market of production and service so as to offer all situations of work which allow these people to apply their competencies and to receive valorisation and recognition for their work The S.A.V.S. (Service of Accompaniment in Social Life) favours the insertion and preservation of an ordinary life of these people. They have a certain amount of autonomy;
  • they live in apartments and/or work in ordinary surroundings. Further services of the ADAPEI Association in Morteau include the Hostel for the Homeless (it accommodates men and women of 20 to 60 years working at or retired from the ESAT, who were transferred to this home by the CDAPH), the Service for Social Support (which receives people working half-time at the ESAT, the half-day service offers a complementary accompaniment to the half-time work at the ESAT) and the Home of Life (it offers a living environment for those who are not able to work; valorisation and self-fulfilment take place through the participation in every-day tasks and educational activities and allow a maximum of expression of everyone’s potential).


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