[WP 1] Kick-Off Meeting

Hadamar, 13 - 16 November 2013


Irmela von Toerne, Christiane Lensch, Christine Halas, Stefan Rothschild, Tarik Bitlis, Ercan Tutal, Marie-France LeGlaunec, Magda Skiba, Peter Furth, Michael Thiele, Regis Alvin, Klaus Bertram, Ino Cornel, Jarek Maruszewski, Mats Eriksson, Marita Jonol, Ivana Stajkovic, Tommy Papp, Vasilis Kasimatis, Katherina Giannokoupoulo, Philipp Gektidis, Marc Odic

The Kick-Off Film


The „Kick-Off-Meeting“ for the international EU-Project ELLA took place in IB-Education Center Hadamar from November 13 to 16, 2013 with representatives from 15 partner organisations from 10 EU-countries and Israel.

Most important subject of the international conference was the generation of a time- and work plan for the triannual project which began on November 1, 2013. The 14 work packages being an integral part of the project, were discussed concerning content and management.

At the beginning of the meeting, the German project team presented data and facts for the project and explained the EU-formalities which have to be considered by each partner. Furthermore there were many questions to be answered concerning the financial budget, since there was an unequal level of knowledge among the partners.

A fantastic preliminary work was done by the Austrian Quality Management Team, which installed a so called „Sharepoint“ as ELLA-Intranet, in which all partners can find information on work packages, project management structure and actual formalities.

Another very important subject was public relation: the concept of the new ELLA-Homepage was introduced, the possibilities of dissemination of activities and results in the frame of Facebook, Instagram and print media was discussed and the first film sequences were filmed by our French responsible for the filming!

In the frame of several workshops the partners had the chance to exchange about the work packages they planned and to work out a time line for the course of their activities.

Of course the location of the conference was respected: Many participants took part in a guided tour through NS-Euthanasia-Memorial and informed themselves about the NS-Euthanasia crimes which had been committed between 1941-45 in the former district hospital Hadamar. At the end of the conference all participants laid down flowers at the memorial stones for the 15.000 victims of Hadamar.

For the ELLA-project, work is starting now! Time lines have to be completed by the end of the year and cost have to be calculated, the demands and formalities of EU-have to be understood and co
nsidered and all the participants have to be regularly informed by the German project team!

Christiane Lensch




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