[WP 2] Evaluation Meeting

 27. – 31. OCTOBER 2014 - KAS, TURKEY

IBETH was responsible for the evaluation, mid-term meeting of the GRUNDTVIG programme "ELLA- European Lifelong Learning Academy" for people with disabilities and people with special needs.


In accordance with the project applicant (IB-Behindertenhilfe) and their steering committee IBETH organised an evaluation meeting in Kas with participation of the responsible persons from quality assurance team, project team, management team and Steering Committee of the project.


Based on the overall goal of the entire GRUNDTVIG network project the way of evaluation was developed in the project management and presented to all organisations during the kick-off meeting organised by ÖJAB, the quality manager of the project.


Evaluation Workshop


At the end of October the Evaluation workshop of the Lifelong-learning-Project „ELLA“   took place in Turkey – almost simultaneously with the work package Social Inclusion Festival.

The members of the project team, the quality assurance team and the advisory committee of ELLA and participants with disabilities from Serbia, Sweden, Germany and Turkey met for three days to inform themselves and exchange experiences about the working packages that had been realized so far.

After one year of project duration it was time to have a closer look at the activities of the single partners, to critically scrutinize the progress- and final results of the work packages and to solve appearing problems.


Very good results could be stated at the end of the workshop: Three work packages have been finalized successfully so far, other work packages report continuously about their activities and presented photos and short films about the developed pedagogical education approaches and modules for people with disabilities.

Further evaluation instruments have been presented and the time schedules of the working packages were revised. With exception of the Portuguese Partner, who had not seen himself able to contribute further to the project due to staff and financial reasons, all partners are actively involved referring to time schedules of their work orders.

The common participation into the final concert of the „Social Inclusion Festival“ brought a lot of motivation and energy for the next steps of this ambitious EU-project to all participants with and without disability.



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