[WP 13] Exploitation of Results


The NGO Medis 5 will be responsible for Exploitation of Results. They will organise a workshop in March 2016 where exploitation, funding and sustainability of ELLA will be the topic.


During the period of the project the work packages will be tested, evaluated and form a basis of workshops and methods that can be offered to people with disabilities (PwD), NGO's and the public through Caravan. The results of the completed work packages will be collected and disseminated continuously during the project through www.caravan2000.eu


Co-workers at Medis 5 will be involved in the planning and organising the workshop by

  • doing administrative work
  • producing a commercial film on the offerings of Caravan, An academy for Long Life Learning ELLA. 


To collect and coordinate the plans and ideas concerning exploitation of the results to the public and to the community of PwD

To monitor discussions on exploitation of the new methods and workshops that has been initiated along the way of the project

To discuss how to reach as many as possible, with and without disabilities

To create a tasty and very accessible website for adult education

Overall aims

To develop learning opportunities for PwD

To create a digital forum/a catalogue based on the web with workshops for PwD, NGO's and the public in easy language

To produce workshops available as instruction videos, manuals written in easy language or as workshops in real life


To engage an NGO that will produce a website that will present the educational offerings of ELLA.

To work out ways of funding the management of the Caravan website

Expected results

At the end of 2016 ELLA will offer of a rich variety of workshops on the Caravan website for adult education.

Communication plan

  • All work packages will suggest means for exploitation of their particular project, on the website, when the work package is completed

There will be a forum on the ELLA website where the work packages are disseminated and exploitation is discussed

Innovative character

Resource: The work packages are processed and refined results of already ongoing activities in the daily work at each NGO in the network Caravan 2000. This is a guarantee for the sustainability of each workshop, seminar, method etc. All the members of Caravan have an interest in disseminating their work and a joint venture will result in a win win situation.


Shortcoming: The one thing missing is a collecting database for inclusive adult learning offers. We will establish a platform for gathering information on inclusive adult learning offers for all people with and without disabilities in Europe. Easy accessible and in easy English language where every participant is invited to be included without regard of their social and ethnic background.


ELLA will be that platform of adult education, where information and data is collected.



A SWOT (Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats) will be made by participants of the workshop.


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