[WP 12] Dissemination and Communication Strategy

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ELLA dissemination and communication strategy aims to reach different levels: the local, project and programme levels. Specific products will be identified for each of these levels. Furthermore, ELLA network targets different audiences. Adequate tools will be produced to disseminate the results, in order to address the main target groups: people with disabilities, practitioners dealing with people with disabilities, parents of PwD, policy makers and decision makers.

Final Dissemination Meeting

11. October 2016 in Oberursel


Webcontent manager of the ELLA-Websites, Sarah Cowell, discussed the status of outstanding material on the project website as well as digital development going forward on the ELLA-Learning-Site with the project coordinataters Christiane Lensch and Christine Halas.

The aims of this Work Package are to ensure communication on the project activities on the ongoing basis, to ensure dissemination of the project's results and findings to a wider audience, and to implement the dissemination and exploitation plan.


To ensure good communication on the network's activities, intermediate deliverables will be produced in all Work Packages, leading to final deliverables in a later phase in time. When intermediate deliverables are published on the website, we will ensure that the content is concise and will be a "stand alone" document at that point in time.

Technical and internal documents will be made available to all project partners on an online document system of the network on ELLA website.


The Polish Partner PSOUU Gdansk has the main responsibility for dissemination. The manager in charge of communication and dissemination will be appointed there and will be available during the whole period to work on all communication and dissemination activities. The time and knowledge available will ensure that communication and dissemination will be at the heart of the network.


After the mid-term review the dissemination plan will be developed and after it, there will be a strong focus on dissemination of experiences and good practices collected by the partners and lessons learnt from their local projects and policies. This will ensure the transfer of know-how build up in the network.


The aims of the package will be achieved by the following activities:


Activity 1. To regularly update the ELLA mini-site on the Grundtvig website.

Activity 2. To produce and currently update the ELLA website

Activity 3. To produce and disseminate communication materials applying the Grundtvig graphic charter.

The following materials will be produced: manual, E-Newsletter, vertical banner, network film,

Activity 4. To produce a dissemination and exploitation of the results plan as an output of the mid-term review (see workshop in the working package 13 exploitation of the results) and to implement this plan.

Activity 5. To organise the final meeting in Gdansk in cooperation with IB-Behindertenhilfe to open to all target groups to disseminate the results of the network.

Activity 6. To establish a facebook profile of ELLA and form a facebook group ELLA of Caravan STUDENTs.


The following deliverables will be delivered in this Work Package:

• one website

  •  Facebook project profile and students' group

    • four E-Newsletters

    • one network film

    • 1 project mini-site within the Grundtvig website,

    • 16 media releases (or more)

    • A Dissemination and Exploitation of the results Plan, as an output of the Mid-term review (see work package 13, Exploitation of the results)

    • Contact database with over 300 contacts on the project theme (both at local, national and European level)


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