[WP 11] Quality Assurance


ÖJAB will be responsible for the quality assurance of the GRUNDTVIG programme "ELLA – European Lifelong Learning Academy" for people with disabilities and people with special needs.


In consultation with the applicant (IB Behindertenhilfe) and in accordance with a CARAVAN2000 steering committee ÖJAB will develop and implement a quality questionnaire that can and will be applied to all implementation work packages.

Based on the overall goals of the entire GRUNDTVIG project the quality questionnaire will be developed and presented to all organisations during the kick-off meeting by the ÖJAB quality manager. Digital versions of the quality questionnaire will be handed out to all project partners who are carrying out implementation work packages.


In the course of the project all operating partners have to check their implementation work packages on the base of the quality questionnaire. After the implementation work package has ended the evaluation forms or reports have to be sent to the ÖJAB quality assurance where the products or services will be reviewed. In case the delivered products match the required quality standards the ÖJAB quality assurance will approve. In case the delivered products do not match the required quality standards the ÖJAB quality assurance will point out the missing or false remarks and send the data back to the partner organisation in order to work on the missing or false details. After having revised the data the partner will send its product back to the ÖJAB quality assurance. This procedure will be repeated until the quality assurance approves.


Quality assurance is mandatory for all implementation work packages. In case of issues or differences in opinions ÖJAB will consult the steering committee which was approved by all participating organisations. The steering committee consists of 8 people and has been nominated during a preliminary meeting by all participating partners.


Once the ÖJAB quality assurance approves the implementation work package and its deliverables, the outputs will be forwarded to the responsible team for dissemination and for the exploitation of results.


For eventual or further information the team of the ÖJAB quality assurance can be reached by phone pr be email in the entire course of the GRUNDTVIG project.

The ÖJAB quality assurance will take part in the following meetings:

  • The kick-off meeting, scheduled for November 2013, in order to present the quality questionnaire
  • The evaluation meeting, scheduled for November 2014, in order to take stock and explain or clarify occurrent questions 
  • The congress, scheduled for November 2015, in order to present the status quo

The final meeting, scheduled for September 2016, in order to present the final report of the quality assurance.


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