ELLA Project Team

At the end of September the German project team for ELLA met for the fifth time this last year.


The main objectives were: the preparation of evaluation workshops, taking place at the end of October in Turkey; the exchange of current organisational structures and the financial status of the work packages, which have shown great success so far.


Team Meeting


The ELLA project team met twice this year, one meeting was held in Kassel in March, the second took place in April in Frankfurt/Main at the headquarter of Internationaler Bund.


Main topics to be discussed was the communication with the partners with regard to the working packages and the dissemination plan. During the meeting in Frankfurt the chairman of Internationaler Bund, Mr. Thiemo Fojkar, personally welcomed the members of the project team and wished them good success for their work.


[WP 1] Kick-Off Meeting

All Grundtvig-Projects in Brussels

At the end of January the project coordinators of the ELLA-project (Christiane Lensch and Christine Halas) participated in the official Kick-Off-Meeting of all Grundtvig-projects in Brussels. The met the contact people in Brussels and received much useful information and input to take home to Oberursel. Before leaving Brussels they had the chance to visit the European Parliament with a very interesting exhibition in the European Parliaments Visitors Centre "Parlamentarium".


Project Coordinators Christiane Lensch and Christine Halas at EU Kick-Off in Brussels

[WP 1] Kick-Off Meeting

ELLA Project Team in Germany

The German Project Team Meeting


The German Project Team met on December 12, 2013, to collect and discuss the outputs of the Kick-Off-Meeting in November in Hadamar, where all responsible for the work packages met and the project management gave a presentation of the project plan, presented the financial formalities and the first time lines for the work packages were established. In the Project Team Meeting the website of ELLA was audited and some modifications were decided. The EU-Kick-Off-Meeting in Brussels at the end of January was prepared and the jobs to do distributed – next meeting of the German Project Team will be at the beginning of March 2014.




Photo: Peter Furth, Philipp Gektidis, Christine Halas, Christiane Lensch, Irmela von Toerne


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