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my train to Equality, Education and Europe

Here are photos from four different TrainEEE workshops in the ELLA project.


TrainEEE stands for my train to Equality, Education and Europe.


Young people with special needs from Austria, Serbia and France completed internships in the jobs they chose.


The first week of TrainEEE took part in April 2014.


Five people with disadvantages worked from April 7 until April 11 2014 in a job they chose: These jobs included administration, gardening, cooking and senior care.


The second TrainEEE week was working with the partners of the organisations, these were from France, Serbia and Austria.


Five participants from each organisation travelled with their trainers to Vienna, Austria.


TrainEEE Preliminary meeting in Vienna, Austria

The coordinators from ADAPEI and UiD had a chance to compare and exchange experiences, expertise and different methods.

A lot of questions and conditions were solved in working groups during the preliminary meeting.

Ivana Stajkovic talking with Tijana Milinkovic about the internships for social media and public relations.

15 people with special needs completed their internships in Austria!

Each job training is made in a different workplace within the association ÖJAB


The workplace and training is chosen individually by the participants.


The choice of different work is:


Facility Service of ÖJAB

(placement of simple craft skills like cleaning, repairing and janitor work)
Administrative areas of ÖJAB

(accounting, public relations, front desk, student hostel management)
Intercultural Nature Garden Greifenstein

(placement of skills as a gardener or florist)
Hospitality and restaurants (service, kitchen, maid)


The participants of trainEEE have the opportunity to get to know what it is like doing paid work  in an experimental environment.


The joy of work and the joy of learning are the most important.


The skills and competencies that are learned are advantages for choosing a career and for starting a job.


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