On this page the most recent events, like meetings, workshops or seminars related to the ELLA project are listed.

The latest ELLA Newsletter
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ELLA Final Meeting in Gdansk

21. – 24. SEPTEMBER 2016

At the Final Meeting in Poland, all the members of the ELLA project met to discuss and present their work and make plans for the future.



Many of the ELLA Projects have made manuals, guides and presentations of their work and methods available for you to download here:


New Leaders | Good forms of Communication


A Guide to Good Forms of Communication
ELLA New Leaders Communication Manual.pd[...]
PDF-Dokument [1.6 MB]


Private Life | Going on a Date


A Dating Guide - English Version
MyDate-EN-Final Version.pdf
PDF-Dokument [2.3 MB]


Art of Recycling | A Guide to Creative Recycling


Manual guide to Recycling Workshops - Methods and Results
Recycling E book- ALMA.pdf
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Recreation | Having Fun while you Practice Skills for Work


A Guide to Recreating Skill Development in Leisure Time Activities for Screenview
ELLA_eguide Small.pdf
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Training Apartment | Coping with Big Changes in life


Manual for the Training Apartment
MANUAL-Training Apartment.pdf
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Inclusion Congress Info brochure is now available online!

The ELLA Congress was an event in Vienna, Austria.


At this event many different professional people, who work with people with disabilities, presented their ways of learning, teaching and working with different kinds of people.


This PDF booklet lists all the workshops and the people who presented their work and ideas for people with disabilities to find work.

Info Brochure ELLA Inclusion Congress
Info ELLA Congress.pdf
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The ELLA-Learning Website is online!


The ELLA-Learning Website is a website where you can learn different things, it is not yet finished but you can find it by clicking this link:







New Leaders Manual Guide


This is a manual for three theatre workshops.


Very easy to follow!


Feel free to improvise and add new stuff!


New Leaders Manual to Theatre Workshops
New Leaders Manual Guide.pdf
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Revealed and Unveiled

Photo Competition


The group photo of the ELLA Inclusion Congress was in competition for a photo exhibition.


The aim of the of the EASPD Photo competition competition is to present the work of service providers for persons with disabilities across Europe.


The winner will be one of 20 photos exhibited in Brussels from 20th October until 4th December 2016.



ELLA in the German press

Translation: The Virtual Academy


Project...to support the education of people with social disadvantages or disabilities.


The participants of each individual work package are empowered so as to gain autonomy and act as role models.


"There are high expectations of the project setting standards and changing the landscape of integrative and inclusive education of people with disabilies". 


"Already functioning structures serve as prototypes in the process of decision making in other countries and organisations", says Adriana Bassini, European and International Cooperations Coordinator at ÖJAB.


Die Presse, Sa./So. 2./3. April 2016


ELLA Newsletter 3
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Akim Jerusalem

The Training Apartment

The training apartment aims to offer participants an "out-of-home-living" experience.


To watch the film on this website follow this link here


Private Life Concepts

Plans for the future


Check out photos of the workshop photos on this site


Jaunuoliu Dienos Centras

Thank you, it's been the centre of the day!






Plans to get married? Go to movie on youtube


Do you have a boyfriend? Go to movie on youtube


Go to all the movies from the Private Life Project on this website


German Projekt Team

Oberursel, Dec. 2015



The German project team met for the last time this year in Oberursel.


They discussed the international congress in Vienna (11. – 14.11.2015) and prepared for the events in 2016.



SABOR! The ELLA Project

In the Recreation Project you can learn how to have fun while you practice skills that you need at work. This project made a film you can watch.


Click here for the SABOR film on this website


International ELLA Congress

11 - 14 November 2015 in Vienna-Austria


Photos by ÖJAB are available, free of charge at this address:

ELLA Congress Photos

Don't forget to check out the GALLERY





Direct link to the website: ELLA Congress


Registration form for the attendance of the ELLA Congress
Europahaus Hotel Registration Form.doc
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Workshop in Greece! The art of recycling

Introduction to ELLA

Festiwal Świat Mało Znany

The festival was visited by the partcipants of The Art of Recycling.


For more information go to THE ART OF RECYCLING


Private Life meeting in Lithuania

To all videos by Private Life Concepts: CLICK HERE


Workshop in Greece! The art of recycling

Go to the ART OF RECYCLING for more information.


Lilliput Theatre Company

Five films on automony and disability: 'Money', 'Doctors', 'Intimacy', 'Love' and 'Disability'


Short videos by Peter Davidson, Lilliput Theatre Company & ELLA Project exploring disability rights.


The Playhouse Theatre with organisations from Lithuania, Germany and Serbia to find what disabled people feel is most important to them.


We then worked with Lilliput Theatre Company, whose members are all Learning Disabled, to make short films to show what we found out.


Click here to go to the Movies on this website.


ELLA Newletter 2
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Recycling Art in Stockholm Medis5, Sensus

Mirror Drawing

Sit opposite each other, each with a large piece of paper in front of you.

(You should draw lines and simple shapes, Abstract images!)

One makes a line, the second imitates that line.

Now it is the other's turn to make a line ore a form, and the first

imitates that line/form and so on, until the paper have lines and shapes all over the entire surface....


Click to find more information on this website.


TrainEEE Presentation:

Now available as a download

TrainEEE - WP5
Presentation TrainEEE.pdf
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TrainEEE in ÖJAB Magazine
ÖJAB-Magazin 3-2014 - WP 5 - Trainee.pd[...]
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Below please find the programme

May 2015 - for Private Life Concepts - WP8

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PDF-Dokument [81.4 KB]
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REMINDER: Private Life Concepts - WP8 HAS A GREAT BLOG

Please visit our project at the blog http://ella-project.blogspot.com


Asking important questions about autonomy: Watch the film


Spreading the word

Thanks to Private Life Concepts - WP8

Thanks to the questions created by the participants of Private Life Concepts we were able to make a short documentary at an international and inclusive workshop, organised by the International Bund in cooperation with Aktion Mensch and hosted by the Baunataler Diakonie...here is the trailer


Social Inclusion Festival in Kas

Düşler Akademisi Kaş

Visit our Facebook page: 



The video is posted on the Project Partner AYDER's website:


This was Private Life Concepts - WP8

Please visit our project at the blog http://ella-project.blogspot.com


Asking important questions about autonomy: Watch the film


Management Meeting


At the end of September the German project team for ELLA met for the fifth time this year.


They prepared for the evaluation workshops at the end of October in Turkey; they talked about the current organisation and the financing of the work packages. The Work Packages have shown great success so far.


This was TrainEEE!

15 people with special needs completed their internships in Austria!


TrainEEE stands for my train to Equality, Education and Europe.


Young people with special needs from Austria, Serbia and France completed internships in the jobs they chose....


For more informations go to TRAINEEE


“The Art of Recycling”



The Implementation Work Package 'The Art of Recycling' present their workshop:



Photo Presentation of Workshop: RECYCLED MATERIALS
our workshop-recycled materials.pdf
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The ELLA Project Team

The ELLA project team met twice this year, one meeting was held in Kassel in March, the second took place in April in Frankfurt/Main at the headquarter of Internationaler Bund.


During the meeting in Frankfurt the chairman of Internationaler Bund, Mr. Thiemo Fojkar, personally welcomed the members of the project team and wished them good success for their work.

International Social Inclusion Music and Art Festival


The We herewith announce the ELLA Turkey Event International Social Inclusion Music and Art Festival to take place between 26 – 30 of October 2014 in Kas/Antalya - Turkey.

ELLA - Inclusion Festival Invitation
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Organisations are invited to send groups of maximal 10 participants to take part in the festival's activities and to stage a final performance at the final festival evening.


We will try to cover board and lodging costs for everybody.


Travel costs have to be covered by participants/their organizations themselves.

Participants please fill in the Registration Form attached and submit it to us by 30th  of June, 2014 at the latest. In case of any further questions you may refer to Kristina Kamp via Email to:

Svenja-Kristina.Kamp@internationaler-bund.de or phone at 0090-530-228-8940 (Monday – Wednesday).

Festival Registration Form
We are looking very much forward to receiving your numerous registrations!
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The first stage of WP 8 “Private Life Concepts” is finished!

Since January 2014 all WP 8 partners have been making workshops with students, clients and young people and have developed questions and barriers in work, living and leisure in a project called Opportunities & Limitations.


We have 26 questions!!! Click on this link


TrainEEE Preliminary meeting

Vienna, Austria

On the 26th and 27th of February 2014 the Austrian capital Vienna was hosting the TrainEEE preliminary meeting.


This meeting to prepare, organise and adjust the internships of young people with disabilities or disadvantages from Austria, France and Serbia.


The first TrainEEE week for the Austrian participants will be held from April 7-11 2014.


ELLA Newsletter 1
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Kick-Off-Meeting of all Grundtvig-projects


At the end of January the project coordinators of the ELLA-project (Christiane Lensch and Christine Halas) went to the official Kick-Off-Meeting of all Grundtvig-projects in Brussels.


German Projekt Team Meeting 12.12.13

The German Project Team met on December 12, 2013, to collect and discuss the outputs of the Kick-Off-Meeting in November in Hadamar.


There all partners met and the project management gave a presentation of the project plan, finances and time plans.


HADAMAR 13.11. - 16.11.2013

The Kick-Off Meeting was the first meeting with the project team.


All the partners from different organisations met to talk about how they should do all the different projects togtether.


Oberursel, 22. Juli 2013

A big success for IB - Behindertenhilfe and Caravan 2000!

IB-Behindertenhilfe gets EU-Funding for „ELLA“

IB Behindertenhilfe has receiced financial support for the project „ELLA
A European Lifelong Learning Academy – An Education Offensive For People With Disabilities„ from the LifeLongLearningProgramm Grundtvig in Brussels.


This project was dveloped by the "Caravan 2000 Federation and will include many different organisations in diefferent countries.


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