European Lifelong Learning Academy

The ELLA (European Life Long Learning Academy) project offers a variety of cutting‐edge examples of inclusive adult‐education for people with and without disabilities:

19 organisations from 10 European countries and Israel, will develop, administer, evaluate and disseminate information on seven different educational and methodical approaches to inclusive adult education. The Caravan members will cooperate in conducting a series of international exchanges and workshops, inspired by the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. ELLA aspires to bring inclusive education one step further and become the trademark for Inclusion in European adult education.





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In the implementation stage of the particular project components outlined in ELLA, people with disabilities will act as experts. They will be adult education teachers, provide self‐reports and determine the choices and preferences of their own professional and social lives. This method reverses the roles that are characteristic of traditional, integrative education. Furthermore, curricula will be developed, which address the basic needs of every human beeing: Self determination in private life, work, housing, sexuality and having children. These themes are usually not addressed in adult education, and were, until now, considered taboo.

Because of the big number of participating countries, ELLA is able to maintain a balance between the inputs of both the old and the new members of the EU as well as between the EU and the candidating countries. This guarantees that best‐practice‐experiences will be identified, transmitted and emulated. Thanks to the participation of Muslim, Jewish and Christian members, ELLA will remain sensitive to and promote intercultural approaches.


Ella will be conducted by the Caravan 2000 Federation, which has demonstrated its intercultural experience and competence since many years in uncountable joint projects. This ensures that the purpose will not be a singular project, but a project that will reinforce the current network's sustainability and allow the Caravan 2000 Federation to continue operating after the end of the current EU funding.


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